Clean out biomass boilers quickly with the Big Brute

Clean out biomass boilers quickly with the Big Brute

Cleaning out the ash box of a biomass boiler is quicker and easier with the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Regularly cleaning out the ash box is an essential part of maintenance for a biomass boiler.

Using a Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, the job is done quicker, more easily and without stirring up dust to breathe in.

The Big Brute, alongside the Big Brute Cyclone Interceptor, quickly sucks up loose ash. Fine dusts are held safely in the Interceptor and aren't carried over into the Big Brute where they can clog up your filters more quickly.

The Big Brute's tough cleaning tools make it easy to break up compacted ash and suck it away quickly.

And the Big Brute's optional hand tools make it easy to clean right down into feed augers to get every part of the ash box clean.

For extra quick cleaning, using a Big Brute Wet & Dry with some water in the bottom of the Interceptor, you can clean the ash box safely without waiting until it's completely cold.

More regular cleaning makes your biomass boiler more efficient and reduces the downtime for your customer.

For more information about the Big Brute Wet & Dry and the Big Brute Cylcone Interceptor, please contact us.