Rob and Lee's Top Tips

In our monthly email newsletter, Rob and Lee bring you their tips on how to look after your Big Brute.

Rob is our lead product support and development chap who's been closely involved with developing and improving our products for several years now. Rob also looks after our technical support line. Lee is our Electrical Workshop Co-Ordinator who oversees all the building of the Big Brute power units and does all our Big Brute repairs.

Between them, they have a wealth of Big Brute knowledge. Have a look at their tips on how to get the best from your Big Brute all the time.

If you need help or support with your Big Brute, give Rob a ring on 01223 88 22 22 (extension 206).

Replacement filters, motors brushes, hoses and tools are available at

Dry Filters

The dry filters are the things that stop all the muck and dirt you suck up from getting into your motors. It's important to keep them clean and regularly check them for damage.

Check your dry filters...

Motor Brushes

As you use your Big Brute, the brushes inside the motors will wear down. Make sure you check them regularly and replace them before they get too worn - running your Big Brute with worn brushes will damage the motors.

It's quick and easy to check and replace your motor brushes. Why not keep a spare pair in stock?

Check your motor brushes...

Suction Hose

Big Brute suction hose puts up with a lot but damage to it can severely reduce the performance of your Big Brute.

Did you know it's often easy and inexpensive to repair your Big Brute hose?

Check your suction hose...

Big Brute Wet - Has It Suddenly Stopped Sucking?

You've just emptied your Big Brute Wet out of the drainage valve at the back and it's suddenly stopped sucking.

We get a lot of calls about this - and it's such a simple solution!

Get your Big Brute Wet sucking again...

Big Brute Warehouseman

The Big Brute Warehouseman with its front-mounted floor brush or floor squeegee makes it quick and easy to clean large warehouse floors. But it needs a bit of special attention.

Did you know you can adjust your Warehouseman brush for best floor-cleaning results?

And if you don't have a Big Brute Warehouseman, did you know you can fit a Warehouseman brush kit and upgrade it yourself?

Getting the best from your Big Brute Warehouseman...