Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Wouldn't it be great to suck up waste water at 1 gallon per second? And suck up sludge? And suck up sludgy oil and swarf? With the Big Brutes, you can.

Water, Oil and Dry Waste

Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum CleanerSuck up waste water, oil and sludge at 1 gallon per second with the The Big Brute Wet & Dry.

Ideal for:

  • Cleaning Up Wet Spillages
  • Unclogging Gullies and Drains
  • Emptying Oil Bunds

Flood Water and Sludge

Flood water extraction and flood water sludge cleaning with the Big Brute Floodman Industrial Vacuum CleanersSuck up flood water and sludge whilst pumping out continuously with the Big Brute Floodman.

Ideal for:

  • Flood water extraction from flooded buildings
  • Flood water sludge

Oil and Swarf

Industrial vacuum cleaners for oil, sludge and waterSuck up oil and sludge, complete with its swarf and chippings, with the Big Brute Swarfman. Ideal for:
  • CNC machines
  • Engineering Works

Recover Waste Liquids into your Own Containers

Flood water extraction and flood water sludge cleaning with the Big Brute Suck and Pump Industrial Vacuum CleanersQuickly recover waste liquids into your own containers with the Big Brute Suck and Pump. Suck up waste liquid and continuously pump it out at your own rate into your own containers.

Start cleaning up your wet & dry waste

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